Web Design, Development & E-Commerce

With over 100 sites designed and developed, Motion excels in building websites. Our talented graphic designers and HTML developers put their heads together to develop websites guaranteed to impress you and your potential customers.

Motion's services include:

  • web site design and development;
  • intranet and extranet systems;
  • e-commerce solutions;
  • software & wireless development.

Graphics Design & Multimedia

Not only do we design websites, we work on other graphics-related projects too. We offer graphical design services in the field of hard-copy advertising. Raise your company profile by letting Motion design and print your promotional material. Contact Motion if you are looking for:

  • graphical design;
  • flash animations intros or banners;
  • logo design or general artwork;
  • brochures, boxes, calendars, posters.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Many millions worldwide access internet search engines in the quest for services. And many thousands of companies offer their services using internet websites. How do those millions click on the one company they need from the thousands competing for their attention?

Search engine optimisation is essential for moving YOUR company from the back of the bus, up to the front of the line.

We at Motion go to great lengths to ensure that all the sites we develop are search engine friendly. Our experts know the tricks required to get your website noticed. Motion possesses extensive experience in providing search engine optimisation to both existing websites and new sites being built.

Web Site Hosting Services

Motion provides high quality web hosting services to its own customers and to other organisations as well. Our web hosting servers are based out of Florida, USA and feature numerous custom-based solutions aimed at optimising server performance. Motion also offers WAP hosting for its customers in the mobile phone market.

Our web hosting servers are stored in a high tech data center facility located in Tampa, Florida. A total of 9 carrier connections to the Internet Backbone guarantee 99.99% network uptime. All connections are greater than 100Mbps and most are ATM OC-3 connections.