Web Site Design Services

With over one hundred sites under its belt to date, and more orders coming in all the time, Motion excels in building websites. Our talented graphic designers and HTML developers put their heads together to develop websites guaranteed to impress you and your potential customers. No kind of site is beyond Motion - from attractive static websites to innovative sites rich in multimedia. To learn more for our past projects, consider visiting our web design & development portfolio.

At Motion we design and develop web sites for organisations wanting to use the internet as an integral part of their marketing mix. We have an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today.

Successful artwork for the Internet is achieved by balancing the needs of strong, eye-catching website design with the technological constraints of download times and the ability to work in all browsers using a minimum of plug-ins. Any website design needs to look authoritative, convey the correct messages and download with optimum speed. Our website design department works on the artistic and technological threshold pushing back the inherent restraints of working online.

With global clients we can help your business and organisation grow online. Contact us today to find out more about our website design services.

Web Site Development

Our technical development has a wealth of experience and ability using a wide variety of Internet technologies. Our ability to combine technology with creative thinking ensures our customers are delivered cost effective and dynamic, database-driven websites suited to all of their business needs. We add real value to all of your business processes by developing database applications suited to you and your needs.

In order to achieve efficient, flexible and rapid web development, our technical approach has been carefully devised using expertise in e-commerce and large database applications. We ensure that our technology can be easily integrated into your existing internal systems.

Developing in-house all of the technology from early concept gives us the maximum control and flexibility when it comes to adding innovative and customer-defined features. All of our database applications.

We use open-source PHP and MySQL software, and for a good reason: this is the most powerful server side software in existence today. And because it is free, our customers save money by not having to purchase costly licenses for other web server and database software - which is inferior anyway. Motion's services include:

  • dynamic driven web based applications;
  • content management systems;
  • onternet portals and directories;
  • e-commerce solutions;
  • e-shops and e-catalogs;
  • hotel reservation systems.

Intranet/Extranet Systems Development

We provide intranet and extranet solutions to our customers. Intranet refers to software solutions implemented in a closed environment - usually for use by company employees within a single office. Extranet is similar but has a slightly wider field of operation - typically within several offices of the same company. These systems are restricted to authorised users only and require a great degree of security. Let Motion provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your company's valuable data, and at the same time help you increase your operational efficiency.

Tremendous opportunities exist to create strong channels of communications and collaboration with employees, suppliers, distributors, representatives, key customers and partners through corporate Intranets and Extranets. Mectronic understands your industry and the complex relationships and requirements necessary for the success of your business. We can create Intranets and Extranets with information, applications, databases and integration to existing systems that optimize interactions between groups within your extended corporate family.

Mobile/Wireless Solutions

Motion became a forerunner among software development companies throughout the world when it began developing sites for mobile phones based on the i-mode platform. Our unique solution involves a single system that fully and simultaneously supports the major mobile phone standards, such as: WAP, WAP 2.0, Openwave GUI, i-mode, AvantGo, HDML, and Windows CE. The vast majority of wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs are based on one of these standards.

We view wireless applications as extensions to Web applications that allow critical or select data to be accessed via remote handheld devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Our wireless application development services provide lasting value by organizing and streamlining operations, maximizing revenue opportunities and providing competitive advantage.

Search Engine Optimization

Many millions worldwide access internet search engines in the quest for services. And many thousands of companies offer their services using internet websites. How do those millions click on the one company they need from the thousands clamouring for their attention? Search engine optimisation is essential for moving YOUR company from the back of the bus, up to the front of the line. We at Motion go to great lengths to ensure that all the sites we develop are search engine friendly. Our experts know the tricks required to get your website noticed. Motion possesses extensive experience in providing search engine optimisation to both existing websites and new sites being built.

No matter how great the design or functionality of your website, it really has no value if your key target market and potential clients never find it amongst the eight billion plus pages (data based on Google's index) that comprise the World Wide Web.

Independent research has shown the importance of good search engine and directory rankings in getting your site recognised on the Internet. Indeed, it has been found that search listings are eight times more likely to be remembered and 20 times more likely to be clicked on than banners or buttons. Furthermore, 55% of all e-commerce transactions originated from a search listing. Quality search engine optimisation is crucial!

Many Web Development companies will build you a site and then leave it floundering on the Internet where nobody will ever find it. Motion however will market your new website across the Internet using our proven Search Engine optimisation and Submission services. We will increase your monthly visitor count and measuring all performance figures so that everything is transparent to you.

Graphic Design & Multimedia

Not only do we design websites, we work on other graphics-related projects too. By handling all your graphic design from the ground up, we can ensure that your logo, stationery, print ads, and web site all emphasize your message clearly and consistently. Motion offers a range of graphic design and web services catering to up-and-coming and established international clients. Why take chances with the way the world sees your company? Contact Motion if you are looking for: :

  • flash animation;
  • a company logo;
  • banners;
  • general graphical artwork;
  • graphical design of printed materials such as brochures, calendars, posters and catalogues.

Web Site Hosting Services

Our company provides high quality web-hosting services to its own customers and to other organisations as well. Our web hosting servers are based out of Florida, USA and feature numerous custom-based solutions aimed at optimising server performance. Motion also offers WAP hosting for its customers in the mobile phone market. Visit our web site dedicated to web site hosting services.

CD-ROM Production

From initial mock-up of ideas to production of the finished item, Motion will put together your multimedia and presentation CD-ROMs. We have experience in creating:

  • CD-ROMs with custom-built software;
  • presentation CD-ROMs;
  • electronic books, etc..