PHPWordLib version 2.0

The PHPWordLib is a piece of PHP software which is intended to convert MS Word (.DOC) and Rich Text Format (.RTF or .DOC) files to plain text. The PHP library is self contained and does not require absolutelly anything external in order to run. The library has two simple functions to use - LoadFile and GetPlainText. The library does all necessary checking internally and its functions will always return FALSE if something seems to be wrong with the input file. For more information visit PHPWordLib's web site.

Motion LiveChat Support System

Provide live chat support. No monthly fees unlike its competitors - only a $49 one time fee including installation and setup + unlimited free upgrades for the current version. Motion Live Chat Support System is intended to be used as a software for providing live chat support to your web site visitors. However its application is not only limited to providing live support, as it can be used for live advertising to the visitors of your site, or providing live sales support & assistance. Visit Motion's live chat support system web site.

Words Translating 3.5 ?? Windows

Words Translating is a PC dictionary software. It can translate individual words or phrases. Features - very attractive design, easy plug-in technology for new dictionaries, easy to install and configure, fast to search with alternatives if the word was not found. The software can be custom built to feature a dictionary of your choice for your own distribution. It has been previously used for a CD-ROM for the Bulgarian ministry of Environment and Water.

Motion Multi-Level Marketing System version 1.6

Web based software system for management of medium and large companies selling products via the multi-level marketing method. The software takes care of aspects of your business from the storage levels, through distributors management and bonuses calculations to issuing invoices and all kinds of necessary reports and documents. This system is intended for intranet and/or extranet use. The system has been successfuly integrated within several large organisations in Bulgaria.