About Motion

Motion Ltd. - a fast-growing information technology outsourcing company. Based out of beautiful and stable Sofia, Bulgaria, with representative offices elsewhere in the world including the US, we offer superior IT solutions and services, including:

  • web programming and development;
  • software development;
  • website design;
  • graphic desig;n
  • search engine optimisation;
  • web hosting;
  • nobile/wireless application development;
  • intranet/extranet system development;
  • CD-ROM production;
  • printed promotional material.

But why outsource, you might ask?

Itís a good bet that developing software, creating websites, or setting up intranets and extranets are not what your company specializes in. So does it make sense to distract your experts from what they are expert in, to divert valuable resources from your companyís main task at hand? Let someone else do the IT legwork for you, while you focus on staying competitive in your own field.

Why outsource offshore?

Quite likely, manpower, time and expertise are at a premium in your own country. Services are no doubt far from cheap - and if you do go for a "deal" locally you may find yourself later wishing you hadnít. A dollar, euro or yen can net you a lot more in other parts of the world. Cut your costs - and stay in the game.

And why outsource to Motion?

The short answer: for quality and inexpensive customized IT solutions.

Bulgaria was a "Silicon Valley" of the former communist block. And the tradition has continued. We at Motion are a team of highly qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic IT professionals. We pay close attention to each clientís needs, providing unique, customized, fully developed solutions.

Fortunately for you, costs are low in Bulgaria. You are likely to pay significantly less than you would for a similar product or service in your own hometown.

Not only that, Motion uses the most powerful and reliable server side software in circulation today- which also happens to be open-source. Paying for expensive software licenses is not something you will find yourself doing at Motion. This translates into more of your money saved.

Motion has worked with all shapes and sizes of businesses, organizations and government bodies since its creation in 1997. Among our list of satisfied clients are a number of European Union governmental bodies. But no matter how big or small you are: expect personalized attention and quality service from us. Itís satisfied clients that keep us in Motion.